Bio photo of Quillerie.b owner Beth Reece sitting at the table with her quilling project and equipment.

About Quillerie.b


Beth Reece is a paper quilling artist who discovered the practice of cutting and curling narrow strips of paper to form intricate designs in 2011. She is known for densely quilled designs using traditional quilled coil shapes that she gently pinches with fingers and tweezers to form graceful curves. A looping technique called husking or combing is also common in her work.


Being drawn to shiny objects and filigree jewelry, Beth often uses metallic-edged quilling strips in yellow gold, rose gold, silver, copper and color-on-color that give the illusion of metal. Her work includes an array of medallions, crosses and seasonal items like snowflakes, hearts, leaves and stars.


Beth has been featured seven times on Ann Martin's acclaimed website All Things Paper, twice to share instructions for quilled Christmas ornaments.


She was born in Beckley, W.V., in 1971 and settled in Lorton, Va., in 2000 as a writer for the federal government. Beth lived five years in Germany, where she explored Czech and Belgian architecture that continue to inspire some of her creations. She is also a proud Army veteran.


About Quilling


Also known as paper filigree, quilling dates back to the 13th Century when nuns used the gilded edges of old manuscripts to decorate religious artifacts. It is believed the paper was curled around the base of a quill, or feather, hence the name quilling.


About This Website


This website was built and is updated with new designs by Beth’s husband, Paul Crank.